159 Funny Ginger Jokes to Tease Your Redhead Friends

Are you looking for ginger jokes to share with a friend? You’ve landed at the right place since we’ve compiled a list of redhead jokes for you.

Some people seek out jokes in order to tease their friends or classmates. Others are only attempting to be amusing and entertaining, so don’t take the jokes too seriously.

Any comedian will tell you that some of the funniest jokes they’ve ever told have had a layer or two of controversy. When it comes to ginger jokes, the division is obvious, as the name discloses the jokes.

For those who are unaware, some people object to the word “ginger” being used to describe them. They would rather be known as “redhead.”

Regardless of personal preferences, the term “ginger” refers to those with hair that is deep burgundy, auburn, bright copper, red-orange, burned orange, or reddish strawberry blond in color. Their classification as redheads is, of course, due to their hair color.

Check out our amazing collection of ginger jokes that will make everyone laugh around you.

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Best Ginger Jokes

In this section, we have gathered an amazing compilation of best ginger jokes. There are certain redhead jokes that no one knows and that will make you laugh out loud.

What’s the difference between a ginger and a shoe? At least the shoe has a sole.

Q: Why are gingers like guns?
A: Keep one around long enough, and you’re going to want to shoot it.

What’s the difference between a brick and a red head?
Bricks get laid.

Q: How does a ginger answer her phone on a Saturday night?
A: Wrong number.

How do you describe a ginger in deep thought?
They’re trying to figure out where their soul is.

Q: Why did God invent colour blindness?
A: So, someone will fancy the ginger kids.

What’s the difference between a ginger and a vegetable?
One’s brain dead and the other is good for you

Goth people wear black to reflect the color of their souls…
Except ginger goths. They go naked.

Q: How many Ginger people does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. They prefer to sit in the dark.

What do you call children born of ginger people?

As a ginger person, I find tanning to be easy
I just go sit underneath the full moon.

My dyslexic brother made ginger bread yesterday.
Poor Tyrone.

Some say that beer is soda with soul…
No wonder ginger ale isn’t alcoholic!

Ginger librarians are:
Well read.

Q: What do gingers look forward to later on in life?
A: Grey Hair

Your favorite drink must be ginger ale….
cause you leave every girl in Canada Dry.

Q: Why do redheads take the pill?
A: Wishful thinking.

I bought some ginger biscuits.
Fussy guy didn’t even eat them.

The next time you make fun of a ginger, put yourself in their shoes.
You’ll know how bad it hurts to not have a sole.

I bought a pair of shoes from a ginger.
I have no idea why he sold them to me, they have no soles.

Funny Ginger Jokes

Still haven’t had your fill? Don’t worry, here we have assembled few funny ginger hair jokes for using at the social media, and would be a nice idea to share them with your friends to make them laugh.

Two gingers are in a car. Who is driving?
The constable.

What do you call a Ginger getting an abortion?
A crime stopper.

If Monday were a person, it would be a ginger.

What do you call a ginger head kid who’s good at karate?
Carroty kid

There’s always that one ginger that claims to be strawberry blonde.

What’s red and white and peels?
A ginger trying to tan.

You say “tall redhead”. I say “gingeraffe”. They’re basically the same thing.

What do you throw a Ginger drowning in quicksand?
His wife and kids.

I’m a ginger and this crazy. But here’s my sunscreen, I use it daily.

Why do gingers smell so bad? So, the blind can hate them too.

Has anyone else noticed that “ginger” is an anagram of “nigger”? Am I the only one that feels sorry for the letters?

Friend of mines just had a ginger baby I told her to keep its head shaved and say it’s got cancer

What do you call a redheaded gentleman from a long line of redheads?
A ginger bred man.

What’s the best thing about being a ginger?
You won’t have black kids.

The difference surrounded by a ginger and a blonde is a ginger is a blonde from hell.

What do you get when you cross a Jamaican and a Ginger?
A gingerbread mom

What is a ginger’s wish?
To grow grey early

Why was the ginger angry with the manager of the hardware store?
Her smoke detector didn’t come with a snooze button.

Why are ginger kids fortunate?
They attain their own room in the midst of they stay at Michael Jacksons habitat

Why do Ginger people sunburn easily?
It’s nature’s way of telling us they should be locked indoors!

Hilarious Ginger Jokes

Do you have a bad day? Do you think laughing at some hilarious jokes can brighten your day a little? These red hair jokes are some of the most amusing things you’ll ever hear, and they’ll help you feel better. They will not only amuse you, but they will also make you laugh out loud.

What do you call a handsome man with a redhead?
A hostage.

My wife told me to get our ginger son ready for his first day at school
So, I punched him in the face and stole his lunch money

How do you handle a redhead’s temper?

What do black coffee and Ginger Baker have in common?
They’re both terrible without cream.

What kind of beds do redheads sleep on?

Did you hear about the plane that crashed on the way to the ginger convention?
Thankfully there were no souls on board.

Have you heard the one about a ginger with friends? Me neither.

My wife has just given birth for the first time….
I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, my son for being ginger or my wife for having to bring him up on her own.

What do you tell a ginger when she blushes?
Your face is as red as your hair.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if my hair really was ginger.
Then again, I just wish people would talk to me

What is the difference between a Demon and a Redhead?
The Demon at least has a trade offer.

The kids were really surprised when I put ginger in their curry…
…they really *did* love that cat.

How does a ginger high five?
They clap.

Why do gingers love driving Kias?
It’s the only way they can own a soul.

What is the only thing redheads drink?
Ginger Ale.

What has one “n”, two “g”s, an “i”, “e”, and an “r” and you can only say this word when you belong to this group?

What do you call two redheads on mars?

Last night I bought an alcoholic ginger beer,
he wasn’t happy about it.

How can a ginger get the perfect partner to marry? They can’t. It’s impossible to get a soulmate without a soul.

A ginger wanted to join the Jazz band…
But he didn’t have enough soul.

Offensive Ginger Jokes

You have to be careful when telling redhead jokes in this category. If you’re a ginger reading this, now’s a good time to practice your clever responses to these ginger people jokes.

Two gingers drove off a bluff in a Vauxhall Zafira. The police called it “an awful catastrophe”, as the vehicle could have situated 7.

What would a ginger feel while fatally shooting her husband?
The recoil.

I’m a police officer and today arrested a paedophile. I was absolutely sickened… One of the kids on his hard-drive was…. was…. ginger….

Lindsay Lohan was arrested again. I’d say send her to Azkaban except the dementors will have no effect on her…she’s a ginger.

What was the most extraordinary stunning mysterious power shown in the Harry Potter motion pictures?
A ginger kid with two companions.

What’s the difference between a bowling ball and a ginger?
If you had to, you could eat a bowling ball.

Winter time update: Paint your stones white on the off chance that the Gingers nearby have a snowball battle!

What’s the difference between a ginger and a lawyer?
There’s some things even a lawyer won’t do to people.

What’s the distinction between a ginger and a Styrofoam cup?
Consuming Styrofoam is terrible for the earth.

What’s the distinction between a ginger and a cooler?
A cooler doesn’t flatulate when you haul your meat out of it.

If you’re not dating a redhead, raise your hand. If you are, raise your standards.
That unexpected awkwardness when a ginger speaks without permission

Scientists have devised a new pregnancy test for unborn babies to see if they are ginger and you can get the pregnancy terminated.

What does a ginger and a fridge share for all intents and purpose?
They’re both cold and have no spirit.

What’s the distinction between a ginger and roadkill?
There are slide stamps before the roadkill.

How would you spare a ginger from suffocating?
Take your foot off his head.

One Liner Ginger Jokes

Is it necessary for ginger jokes to always follow the Q&A format? Certainly not. The one liner ginger jokes are equally as common as their more well-known counterparts, and the humor of these jokes is catchy. Check out this collection of some ginger jokes one liners.

What happens when you provoke an angry redhead?
Ginger snaps.

Should a redhead Ninja be referred as Ginja?

What do you call a Ginger getting a DNC?
A wrongdoing plug.

I was texting, and my phone just auto-corrected “ginger” to “soulless”.

Why did the ginger take an e-pill?
Wishful thinking.

How might you tell when a ginger is fulfilled?
She loosens you

Redheads pretend to be blonde by giggling incessantly and tripping on things.

What does one call a ginger with an attitude?

Why was the ginger convention empty?
Not a single soul showed up.

Hey, I’m a ginger, and this is crazy. But here’s my sunscreen. I use it daily.

I went to Brisbane’s hottest redhead competition, 5000 people attended, and not a soul in sight.

What do you call a ginger at a wedding?

What’s the difference between a ginger and a calendar?
The calendar has dates.

What train don’t gingers ride?
The soul train.

What’s the difference between a ginger and a snake?
One is an evil, coldblooded, venomous, slimy creature of Satan, and the other is a snake.

Raise your hand if you’re dating a blonde; raise your standards if you’re dating a ginger.

Never upset a redhead. It may be the last thing you do.

What’s the difference between a Ginger and a vampire?
One is a pale, bloodsucking creature that avoids the sun. The other is a vampire.

If you’re a ginger, your opinion is always invalid.

What do you call a ginger whose phone is blowing up on a Friday night?

Rude Ginger Jokes

Interestingly, some of these jokes are based on the assumption that redheads’ constant rage makes them unsuited for social engagement. However, we hope you’ll find these rude ginger jokes amusing enough to share with others.

How can you get a ginger’s mood to change?
You don’t. It’s already foul.

Myth: Gingers don’t have souls
Fact: Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal.

You’re a ginger therefore your opinion is invalid.

Q: What’s the advantage of a blond over a redhead?
A: You can at least ignore a blond safely.

How do you start a redhead joke? By checking over your shoulder.

Q: What’s the difference between dating a redhead and putting your hand in a blender?
A: There’s always a 50/50 chance the blender isn’t on.

Notice how in Harry Potter the dementors never go for Ron.

How do you get a redhead’s mood to change?
Wait 10 seconds.

How do you know a ginger has been using your PC?
Your monitor is all cracked up.

Why are the Harry Potter films so unrealistic?
A ginger has two friends.

Angry Ginger Jokes

Is it true that gingers are irritable all of the time? Maybe, maybe not. The truth, on the other hand, is irrelevant to comedians. What they can do, though, is incorporate this stereotype into their profession without hesitation. The following are some of the funniest angry ginger jokes they’ve come up with.

What is the difference between a ginger and a terrorist?

You can at least negotiate with the terrorist.

How to piss off a redhead?
Say something…

Gingers don’t have souls Huh?
I’ll have yours in a moment.

What did the gingerbread man say when his house burned down?
Dang that cost me a lot of dough.

Q: What do you call a gay Ginger?
A: Flaming.

What do gingers miss most about great parties?

The invitation.

Sexual Ginger Jokes

The most popular of all ginger jokes, gags that poke fun of their sexual activity come in a variety of forms. Some depict them as beasts in bed, having an out-of-control libido. More jokes, on the other hand, portray them as sexually deficient persons unable to find a companion. Below are some sexual ginger jokes depicting them as people who can’t get enough time in bed.

What do you call a ginger who masturbates more than thrice a day?
A terror-wrist.

Q: What do you call a redheaded ninja?
A: Of course, a ginja!

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are each in their own rooms, who is the hottest?
Whoever forgot to turn on the air conditioner.

Why did you come after sleeping with a ginger?
She took my soul away (since she doesn’t have one).

Q: What do you call a redhead with a yeast infection?
A: Gingerbread

How do you know that you’ve finally satisfied a ginger?
She unties you.

Q: What do we call a child of two redheaded parents?
A: A Ginger-bred

What’s the difference between a ginger and a PC?
A ginger won’t accept a three-and-a-half-inch stick.

How do you react when a ginger tells you she slept with a Brazilian?
Ask how many is a Brazilian.

What movie will never get a woman horny?
50 Shades of Ginger.

Q: What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a redhead?
A: At least Michael Jackson had sex.

Q: Why are redheads flat-chested?
A: It makes it easier to read their T-shirts.

What’s the difference between jokes and sex?
Gingers get jokes.

Q: Why is it called the Virgin Islands?
A: Only Gingers live there!

What do you call a redhead in a porn film?
The cameraman.

Q: What do you call a soldier with a smile and a piece of red hair in his teeth?

Dark Ginger Jokes

Aside from angry and sexual jokes, memes presenting redheads as soulless due to their color abound on the internet. However, some of these jokes require a dark sense of humor to be effective. No matter, how about we take a look at some of the funniest dark ginger jokes?

What’s the difference between a ginger and a ninja?
One’s a soulless killing machine. The other is a highly trained martial artist.

Did you hear about the lady who fell in love with a ginger ale salesman? [original!]
She was Schwepped off her feet

My redhead friend named Albert drinks Canada Dry every day
I call him Ginger Al

What is Hannibal Lecter’s favourite spice?
Ground ginger.

I bought one of those anti-bullying charity wrist bands the other day
I say bought; I stole it off a fat ginger kid.

What do gingers and extinct dinosaurs have in common?
Not enough.

What do you call an emo making a ginger bread house?
A cookie cutter

Why are there gingerbread men but not gingerbread women?
It’s the pastryarchy.

Why did God invent colour blindness? So, someone will fancy the ginger kids.

What do you call a fat ginger kid with glasses?
Anything, not like he’ll run after you

So, a ginger friend of mine got their hair dyed, I guess you could say they are now…
A transginger

The Gingerbread Man goes to the Doctors…
Gingerbread Man: I broke my leg!
Doctor: Have u tried icing it?

A day without you is like a day with sunshine
but I’m a ginger, so, you know, it’s cool if you just stay away.

What do you call an Irish millionaire?
A ginger bread man.

I was shopping today, in the local Sam’s Club, when I heard a member of staff crying, quite loudly. When I saw the member of staff, I realized what all the commotion was about, and I don’t blame him. I’d cry too if I was ginger.

How do ginger people make friends?
I’m being serious, it’s getting kinda lonely here.

Ginger kid
Ginger kid: mom, I love you!
Mother: eee… let’s just stay friends.

My mum was upset when I put ginger in the pasta last night
I guess she liked that cat

Flirting Ginger Jokes

In this category, we have plucked some ginger flirting jokes to spice up your relation and to make your special one laugh. These funniest jokes are sure to give both of you a burst of hearty laughter.

Gingers are a lot like anal sex. They are both a pain in the ass.

You’re like fresh ginger on the rice bowl of my life.

If didn’t meet a gorgeous redhead like you, I would be missing some brainy noodles.

I’m the rarest DNA combo in the world. I’m a blue-eyed ginger.

What did the gingerbread man say during sex?
I’m gonna crumb!

Baby, yuh look sweet like a ginger candy, me wan unwrap you and taste ya spices.

You’re short, ginger, and wearing green. You’re basically a leprechaun.

Being a redhead is a plus for me red in the head, fire in the bed.

To me redheads are like roses, because they are the only ones who can catch my attention.

Hey girl are you a baker?
Cuz you’re about to make this ginger nut!

I read somewhere that the recessive gene that results in red hair will eventually be bred out of humanity. Wanna try to save it?

Q: What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart if you’re a redhead?
A: Through his ribcage.

Ginger, U are fabulous! I’m an A-list actor you might like to meet…. Ure fone is dead and out of service…

I love your ginger hair, as it only reminds me of how sweet and hot you are!

Final Thoughts on Ginger Jokes

We hope that this article of ginger jokes will be helpful whenever you need it most. Ginger jokes are common and widely accepted as hilarious.

As of late, it appears that this particular type of humor is rapidly blurring continuously, denying the younger generation the enjoyment that these types of jokes may provide.

We’ve chosen to present to you these collections of the most entertaining red head jokes based on extensive research.

Evidently, jokes thrive more when there’s a sense of controversy surrounding the subject of the joke. Regardless, isn’t life too short for a conservative sense of humor?

Make it a habit to chuckle now and then, and while you’re doing it, make up some ginger jokes of your own.

If you want to have a hearty chuckle, jokes are some of the things you should avoid. You may rest assure that you will have a good chuckle with this compilation of the greatest redhead jokes. Appreciate!

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